Day Fifty-eight; 29/04/2019, Baku, Km Covered; //

I really enjoyed my last week in Azerbaijan, from partying in Sheki to hiking across the Northern part of the country, trying new food and really interacting with locals, but I think that it’s time to move on to my next destination: Kazakhstan. I’m very excited about my next destination: I will be crossing the Caspian Sea on a cargo boat, with plenty of Russian truck drivers endlessly drinking vodka and beer (at least this is how I picture it in my head).

The only issue with the ferries crossing the Caspian is that they don’t respect timetables and leave randomly once or twice a week, so you can easily be stuck at the harbour for a couple of days as you wait for the next boat to leave. Luckily,  a guy working at the hostel has a friend that works at the port of Alat (70km South of Baku), that apparently always knows when the next ferry is coming in, so I call hoping for the best…“Sorry, I don’t know of any ferries leaving in the next days, call me back tomorrow.” Quite disappointed by how the call turned out, I go back to bed. Once again, I spend the day relaxing and playing table tennis with Arslan, I amgetting good at it!