Day sixty; 01/05/2019, Alat; Km Covered; 71

Ahoyyy! Time to be a pirate; I pack my bags and make my way to the port. Funnily enough at customs, I bump into Jürgen, the German biker with which I crossed Turkey and two other Germans also with their bikes: an African Twin 1992 and a striking BMW R 80 1991. The bureaucracy and paperwork to buy the ticket for the ferry and the entire boarding procedure is a nightmare. Eventually, we end up paying $210 for the crossing. After a whole day waiting, a man finally tells us that we can board.

The boat only leavesaround 7:30pm, so I basically spent the afternoon laying on the dock. As the vessel leaves the port,  I decide to explore it and walk around. Next thing I know is that I’m grabbed by some Ukrainian truck drivers, pulled into a cabin and get served I don’t know how many shots of vodka and glasses of beer. Btw, I forgot to mention about dinner… the chef on board felt very Italian and prepared spaghetti with ketchup for everybody; his speciality apparently…no comment.