Day sixty-one; 03/05/2019, at sea (Caspian); Km Covered; //

Day at sea number two; I spend the morning roaming around Professor Gul (the ship’s name). I find it quite entertaining to wander around and observe my fellow “shipmates”, predominantly truck drivers from Russia, Ukraine and Kazakstan, interact with one another.ย  I exchange a few words with a couple of them, but without all the vodka and all, the language barriers appear to be higher than the previous night. For lunch, we are served rice and chicken, a significant improvement from the “spaghetti bolognese” of the day before.

Later, I have the chance to glance at one of the most striking sunsets I ever saw; being a pirate at sea has apparently several perks. We reach Kazakstanย  in the middle of the night; the off-boarding procedure is quite messy. We are allowed to get off Profesor Gull only a few hours later just to be kept for another couple of hours at customs with further paperwork; awesome! Luckily enough, the other riders and I managed to get some shut-eye at a hostel within the port facility before finishing the remaining paper-work the following morning.