Day sixty-two; 04/05/2019, Shetpe; Km Covered; 199

With the bikes packed and the paperwork done, we succeed to leave the port behind and cover our first Kms in Kazaki land. The scenery is remarkable, around me only sand and brown coloured bushes here and there. By looking at the map I soon realise that the landscape will not be changing much for the following week or so. I’m aware that what I consider remarkable now will soon turn into something very boring and banal….

In the distance, I can see animals scattered around the deserted fields, only as I get closer I realise they are dromedaries. I’m very excited and amazed and finally begin to feel a bit like Marco Polo on the Silk Route. It’s so impressive that by simply crossing a sea (that actually is nothing more than a big lake with a diameter of merely 300km), there is such a remarked distinction in the traits of the local people and of course the animals (now dromedaries instead of cows and sheep).ย