Day sixty-eight; 09/05/2019, Nukus; Km Covered; 206

The heat is unbearable, but at least it’s just a short ride to Nukus. All the available accommodation here is very expensive, the cheaper option is a hotel at 27$ per person. To be fair, though, I kind of like the idea of having my own bed and shower for one night. I the afternoon, I bump into two 18-year-old local students in the lobby; they tell me that they will sit their IELTS exam in a few days and want to practice their English with me. I end up simulating the oral exam by interviewing them on happiness; quite convenient for me.

At dinner, talking with Ralph and Claus, we suddenly realise that we will be saying goodbye in the morning. I must admit, I was starting to enjoy their company. They 2:1 ratio made them more willing to talk in English regularly, so it made it easier to get to know them better; indeed very nice guys.