Riding for Happiness is a dream, or better was a dream as I’m now finally leaving; it’s a crazy 7-month motorbike expedition from Rome to Bhutan crossing 18 countries and covering more than 17.000 Km.

The aim of the expedition, of Riding for Happiness, is to investigate the true drivers of happiness across cultures, interviewing the people I will meet along the road. It will not only be about telling my story, but rather give the chance to the people I will meet to tell their own, through me. Those people, those very stories, of those far away realities that usually don’t manage to make their way back to us.

“Giving back” is a big component of the journey. The adventure will also serve as a crowdfunding campaign to raise funds for Operation Smile: an international medical charity that provides free surgeries for children who are born with a cleft lip. Why Operation Smile? Simple! Because a smile is the universal expression of happiness. In the end, there are as many roads to happiness as there are interpretations of it around our world. Still, the road to finding happiness appears coloured and diverse for each of us. This is why I believe that exploring the theme of happiness cross-culturally is so exciting.

I don’t know exactly where the road will lead, for now, though, the destination is Bhutan, a small, but yet magical country lost on the high peaks of the Himalayas between India and China.

Bhutan… the very first country that proposed happiness as a matrix for development back in 1972 with its King declaring: “Gross National Happiness is more important than Gross Domestic Product”!

Riding for Happiness is only the beginning!!