Firstly, I would like to say a HUGE thank-you to you all for your support in the last months. You’ve all been incredible, and it’s been phenomenal to share this excitement with all of you!

I will be honest, there are so many charities that do incredible things, but I believe that it’s the most simple ones that really make a difference in the daily lives of less fortunate people. Too often, for example, we overlook and ignore the power of a smile.

What is a smile but a few facial muscles pushing the edges of the lips upwards? Yet this simple act, even if forced, transforms the entire face and changes the way a person is viewed. It is universal; overcoming religion, ethnicity, class, gender and language. (Please do watch the video on the crowdfunding page linked bellow until the end to understand the true meaning of what I’m saying).

Operation Smile is a charity that provides hundreds of thousands of free surgeries for children in developing countries who are born with a cleft lip or other facial deformities.

ONLY 6.3% of an estimated 312.9 million surgical procedures performed each year go to the poorest third of the global population. Without surgery, 9 in 10 children born with a cleft condition could die.

Donating to Operation Smile today means new smiles…new lives…new futures for children and families who are dreaming of a life-changing surgery.

Here’s the plan: I’m trying to raise 15.000 Euros to cover the basic cost of this six-month motorbike ride from Rome to Bhutan, including visas, fuel, and living expenses. Once I’ve raised enough money to cover such cost, I want to raise an additional 20.000 Euros for Operation Smile (enough to change the life of 100 children born with a cleft lip). Once reached the 15k, all further donations will go to Operation Smile. Keep in mind that this project is going to continue also after the end my adventure with the documentary, the photographic exhibition and other challenges I’m already planning with Operation Smile.

Together WE can make a difference. Donate Today! #OneRoadOneWorld